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Books have a way of making you homesick for a place you have never been.

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I don’t know how Jesus could stand up under its weight. He had my sin, your sin, our sin. He allowed it to be placed upon him so that we would not have to bear the consequences of it all. But in that sacrifice, as horrible as it was, we find ourselves healed — cured of the most awful disease a person can have, a sin-sick soul. He was pierced, crushed, and punished for our sins. In their place, he has left us his transforming peace and a place to belong.

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Come on John, you are even from this state. You’ll have to head back this way eventually. And shay, you are filming in Chi Town. Lets just make this easy on everyone.

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divergent take over. i guess you would consider me a fan girl at this point.


BECAUSE THEO IS BAE he just doesn’t know it yet

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